Two Adventurous Cenotes + Traditional Maya Lunch.                                                                  Recommended Group size : 2 - 10 Guests

To reach your first destination will take you through a couple of small villages to a large "Dome Cavern Cenote" with a Spiral staircase leading to a floating platform. The dome has great stalactites and, if the sun is shining just right, beams of light enter the dome and it is breathtaking! From there you head through a village and into the jungle to a spectacular fully-underground "Bell Cenote". To access this Cenote you will be going down a 40 foot vertical ladder (with hand railings) to a platform. This is a spectacular Cenote with tree roots descending down to the water level. There is solar lighting in the Cenote, however we also provide underwater flashlights for your enjoyment and exploration. After your refreshing swim you will enjoy traditional fresh Yucatecan cuisine prepared by a Local Maya Family.

We provide private Transportation, Guide and Driver.  We will not put you on a bus with a bunch of other people. You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else! This is Your day!

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