Your first destination will be a thriving Mexican Pueblo built around two surviving Pyramids in the center of town. This is a very small site consisting of two structures only and requires little walking. One pyramid has impressive carvings and is accessible by stairs.  The other pyramid has not yet been fully excavated and you can see it as explorers would have found it, in the raw.  For the photographer, this is a great opportunity to photograph local people and culture. From there you will travel to the next village where you will drive 3km into the jungle to an amazing Cave Cenote to swim among the forest of stalactites and columns. The water is crystal clear and an amazing Snorkeling experience (waterproof flashlights provided). The stairs to this Cenote are easy, gradual and double-railing. The water depth varies from 1 feet-65 feet. This is one of very few Cenotes in the area that you can actually wade into.  (no jumping areas).


Groups of 4+ can head to an Elegant Historic Hacienda where you will enjoy a variety of traditional Yucatecan dishes OR Enjoy an authentic lunch prepared by a Maya family.
Groups of 3 or less will enjoy an authentic lunch prepared by a Maya family.

We provide Private Transportation/Driver/Guide. We will not put you on a bus with a bunch of other people. You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else! This is Your day!