Semi-Private Adventure

Mayapan Ruins / Jungle Cenote / Maya Lunch


You can join others on this fun and exciting Semi-Private group Adventure. Maximum total group size is 18 guests from your ship, specially priced to provide a better value experience for solo guests, couples, and small groups by sharing transportation costs. This Adventure includes Mayapan Ruins; an amazing cenote with jumping and swimming; and a delicious Authentic lunch.



Above & Below

Mayapan Ruins / Cliff jump / Rope swing / Maya Lunch

Wander the impressive Mayan ruins of Mayapan. The view from the Pyramid is truly worth the climb. Jump or swing from a rope into a crystal clear breathtaking underground Jungle Cenote, an excellent spot for snorkeling and swimming! Enjoy a traditional Yucatan lunch with fresh tortillas.

Holy Guacamole

Mayapan Ruins / Cliff jump / Maya Lunch

Explore the ruins of Mayapan and make your way to the top of an amazing Pyramid. We go from Progreso to a fantastic Open Cenote, with cliffs for jumping,  and stairs to the water level. Then off to visit a Mayan Family Home for an Authentic and delicious Yucatan lunch.

Mayan Worlds

AKE Ruins /  Choose 1  Cenote / Authentic Lunch

Explore the Ancient city of AKE and make your way to the top of an amazing Pyramid. Travel through villages into the Mayan jungle to your choice of either and underground river Cenote (many Wow’s) or underground lake Cenote (cliff jump option). Then off for an Authentic and delicious lunch.


Mayapan Ruins / Cliff jump / Authentic Lunch

Climb ancient Pyramids and Structures (known as Little Chichen Itza). Swim / snorkel or jump into the refreshing waters of a Jungle Cenote, and savor a delicious and authentic lunch beside the cenote. This Adventure spends more time having fun!


Mayapan Ruins / Cenote / Authentic Lunch

Climb an ancient Pyramid, one of the few that you can still climb in the Yucatan. From the port of Progreso, we go to either an Open Cenote or Cavern (your choice). Enjoy a swim / snorkel / jump in the refreshing waters of a magical Cenote 40 feet below ground ! Authentic lunch options.


Pyramid / Hacienda / Pool / Cenote / Lunch

Climb a sacred pyramid. Escape from the crowds of the Progreso port and explore a remote 17th Century Hacienda located in a tiny Maya village. A true oasis in the jungle with an amazing cave cenote. Enjoy an authentic lunch poolside, on the terrace or in the historic dining room. Relax in the hammocks for a carefree afternoon. This adventure is ideal fo Large Private groups or Families of all ages.


Mayapan Ruins / Tuk Tuk ride to Cenote / Authentic Lunch

Climb an amazing pyramid and explore the ancient grounds. Take a wild TUK TUK (Moto taxi) ride to a dazzling cave Cenote. Enjoy an Authentic delicious Yucatan lunch.


Village Pyramids / Cave Cenote / Authentic Lunch

Travel to a town alive with culture. Explore two Pyramids in the center of town. Swim among stalactites/stalagmites in a stunning crystal clear Cave Cenote. Enjoy a delicious authentic Yucatecan Lunch.

Trust Me

Let us Take Care of Everything

A NEW TREND in Vacationing is “The Mystery Adventure”. One of the most exciting parts of exploring is the mystery and not knowing what you are going to find! We will provide minimum details in order to heighten the anticipation and excitement of your Adventure. This is the way we explore and is the root of our love for adventure. An adventure you will never forget!


Ruins of UXMAL / Cenote / Authentic Lunch

Explore the Majestic ruins of UXMAL, a UNESCO world heritage site which is more detailed and far less crowded than Chichen Itza. Keeping it authentic, after your exploration of the Majestic ruins, you will visit a humble Maya home at the brim of a refreshing Cenote.  Cliff jumping, platform jumping and snorkeling at the Cenote and delicious Authentic food await !



Two Awesome Cenotes + Tuk-Tuk Ride + Authentic Lunch

Drive through small Maya villages to two stunning and unique Cenotes.  These are less visited and offer more privacy in their remote setting.  This adventure includes an amazing Spiral staircase Sunlit cenote and a  Tuk Tuk (Moto-taxi) ride to a dazzling cavern Cenote .  A traditional lunch is included.


Maya Under-World Adventure

Two amazing and unique cave Cenotes.  Explore/wade through a labrynth of tunnels to see spectacular displays of geology illuminated only by your waterproof flashlights. Jump from a cliff into refreshing crystalline waters of another stunning Cenote! Adrenaline rushes and big WOW’s ! After your exhilarating day, enjoy a traditional Yucatecan lunch.


Two amazing Natural Cenotes / Authentic Maya Lunch

Head into the Maya jungle of Mexico to Two amazing Natural Cenotes featuring jumping platforms and rope swing. These Cenotes are a whole lot of fun. An authentic lunch will be prepared by a local Family.


Two Spectacular Cenotes / Hacienda Restaurant Lunch

Visit two unique Cenotes which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, See stunning geological formations at one, and amaze in the depths and underwater Galleries of the other. Both are excellent for snorkeling After being refreshed, enjoy a delicious Yucatecan lunch in a Hacienda setting.


​Two Awesome Cenotes / Tuk Tuk ride / Authentic Lunch

Visit 2 very different and Fun Cenotes. The first Cenote has cliffs for jumping, and clear blue waters. The second Cenote includes a thrilling Tuk-Tuk (Motorcycle Taxi) ride to a dazzling cave Cenote! An authentic lunch is included in this adventure.


​Horse Rail / 3 Cenotes / Authentic Lunch

Explore three uniquely different Cenotes by horse-rail. Try a rope swing, jump from  a cliff and marvel in amazing rock formation . Then finish this unforgettable adventure with an authentic Lunch.

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