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MAJESTIC & MAYA - New version April 2018

UNESCO World Heritage Site  (PREMIUM pricing)

NOTE: Extra Travel time is required for this adventure 
Uxmal Pyramid/Ruin Site  + Cliff jump Cenote + Authentic Maya Lunch                                         Recommended Group Size : 2 or more Guests

From the port of Progreso you will head South to the ancient Maya ruins of Uxmal.  Uxmal is a spectacular ruin site with amazing details and lots of areas to explore.  It is an architecturally significant site, which is far more detailed and less crowded than Chichen Itza. You are permitted to climb and explore the majority of the structures.  Keeping it authentic, after your exploration of the Majestic ruins, you will visit a humble Maya home at the brim of a refreshing Cenote . Then its time to cool off in this stunning "Open Cenote" where, when the sun is just right, beams of light illuminate the clear waters . This is an excellent snorkeling , swimming and Cliff jumping Cenote.  There is a landing and Jumping platform 1/2 way down the stairs (Weight restrictions)  After you are refreshed, you will enjoy an authentic Mayan lunch prepared by your local host. Fully refreshed and refilled you will be  returned to the port to re-board your ship. 

We provide private Transportation, Guide and Driver.  We will not put you on a bus with a bunch of other people.  You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else! This is Your day!