Your first stop will be exploring the Ruins of Mayapan where you can still climb the Pyramids and enjoy the never-ending view from the top. The grounds are well-maintained and provides for an easy stroll. Families and Adventurers particularly enjoy this site as you can go anywhere and climb on anything  –  You are encouraged to explore and experience! This site is large enough to be impressive, but not too large to wear you out.  Choose between an “Open Cenote” or a “Cavern Cenote”.

Cavern Cenote Option

A “Cavern Cenote” where, when the sun is just right, beams of light illuminate an impressive underwater gallery of stalactites. This Cenote is excellent for snorkeling and swimming with depths ranging from 3 feet to 65+ feet. The stairs are double-wide with double railings – good for young families (and for those requiring additional assistance). There is a landing 1/2 way down the stairs for those who wish to view the natural beauty from a different vantage point. This Cenote is relaxed and Tranquil. An authentic lunch will be prepared by a Maya family at their home.

Open Cenote Cliff Jump Option

An “Open Cenote” surrounded by rock cliffs, unique formations and plenty of greenery. This Cenote has two Cliff jumping platforms as well as stair access to the water level. There are good vantage points for viewing and for jumping into the deep crystal clear vibrant blue waters. Great for snorkeling with plenty to see underwater including many freshwater fish and amazing beams of light when the sun is just right. This Cenote is exciting and Fun.​ You will also enjoy a “Maya family lunch”.

Enjoy Authentic Food

Enjoy an authentic meal – Prepared for you by a local family in their home. A real food experience (seriously) !

​​Cruise Guests:  After your meal you will be returned to the port of Progreso FREE shuttle terminal.
We provide private transportation, driver and guide. We will not put you on a bus with a bunch of other people. You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else! This is Your day