Two stunning Cenotes + Hacienda Restaurant Lunch                                                                 Recommended Group size : 2 or more Guests

You will be heading south of Progreso to an area known as the “Ring of Cenotes”  Your first stop will be in a small Maya village where the local Cenote has a jumping platform as well as rustic stair access to a water-level platform. (Weight restrictions). This Cenote is an excellent example of an "Open Cenote" surrounded by rock cliffs, rock formations and plenty of greenery. Your next stop will be a stunning "Cavern Cenote" where sun beams through the opening in the rocks lighting up an impressive underwater gallery of stalactites. This is an excellent snorkeling and swimming Cenote with depths ranging from 4 feet to 65+ feet. To access this Cenote you will be descending down sturdy stairs (approx. 30-40 steps) to a water-level platform. There is a landing 1/2 way down the stairs for those who wish to view the activities from a different vantage point.  After you are refreshed, you will head to a beautifully restored Hacienda for a delicious Yucatecan lunch (included). You can stroll the Hacienda's lush shady grounds while your meal is being prepared. There is a small museum (free) and gift shop on site. At the end of your Adventure you will be returned to the port of Progreso shuttle terminal to board your ship. 
Note: The order of the Cenotes may be reversed ie: cavern Cenote, then open Cenote.
We provide private Transportation, Guide and Driver.  We will not put you on a bus with a bunch of other people. You will not be sharing your vehicle with anyone else! This is Your day!

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